What Our Customers Say

Over 20 years ago I was diagnosed with a host of illnesses. I went from Doctor to Doctor and spent a fortune on a prescriptions and alternative treatments that had little effect other than draining my bank account. I learned about Dan and his work from a friend of mine and asked him to come to my home and give me the energy treatment my friend had. During and after the treatment I sensed that something was different between what I had experienced from other treatments and what I was experiencing now. After the treatment I was quite amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt but because of all the money I had already spent and how I still didn’t feel much better I told Dan that I would buy whatever he suggested as long as he guaranteed that I would get better. I was certain that he would tell me what everybody else told me that they couldn’t guarantee anything, Instead Dan said he would guarantee I’d get better but that what he couldn’t guarantee that I would actually wear them, He explained that through his years of doing this work he found that quite often people would wear them for a while, experience an amazing improvement in their lives and then slowly stop wearing them. Dan further explained that the product he represented back then were not very comfortable to wear which was one of the main reasons he created his own products called Whispers. I’ve been getting balances for over 20 years now and I’m still amazed at how powerful each balancing is I receive. Please don’t take my word for it. I urge you to experience that magic of a Whisper for yourself.
Whisper Client
Kathy Van Domelan
I was having an awful day, so stressed out that my stomach and was sure that I was going to throw up. Dan noticed me if I would hold something for a while. I trusted Dan so I agreed. He didn't tell me what it was or what I would experience. He handed me a Whisper , a calmness began to develop and my mind was still. Later Dan walked up to me and asked how I was doing. I looked at him and stated that these things are life altering. He explained that what I was experiencing is what countless others have experienced and that it would keep getting better. A year later I can honestly say that my life has taken a complete 180 . I'm happier, more confident than I have ever been. Now when I see someone stressed out I hand them one of my Whispers and have them hold it for a while. I now understand why Dan loves his work so much. I know that the idea that a little piece of plastic can be life changing may be difficult to believe so I encourage you to experience the magic of a Whisper for yourself. I think you'll be glad you did.
Whisper Client
Brenda Lopes
When I arrived at Dan's for my first Whisper Balancing I was consumed with all the work I had ahead of me and my mind was racing and I was sure I would not be able to relax as I laid on the table. In what seemed like a couple of minutes Dan came into the room and told me I had been laying there for over an hour. I got up off the table and was amazed that my racing mind was totally quiet, my emotions calm and there was no tension in my body.
I strongly recommend Whispers to everyone.
Arnold Wurhman Attorney at Law
Arnold Wurhman Attorney at Law
As a health and fitness professional, I am always open to ways of improving the quality of my body's condition through natural means. Dan McBee introduced me to Whispers a year ago and how it could help my body's energy flow. I wasn't sure what to expect, but at the end of each balancing session I had, I was astonished by how incredible I felt! After having my energy blockages released, my energy level soared! I exercised without effort and had a clear, sharp mind. I literally felt free to experience outstanding health at an entirely different level. Whispers are an amazing product that enables your body to be balanced, in harmony and energized to live a healthier life. I encourage you to give it a try!
Lorraine Smith
Lorraine Smith
Lorraine Bosse'-Smith Personal Trainer/Life Coach & Author of "A Healthier, Happier You!" & "Finally FIT!"
As a professional massage therapist, I knew the benefits of energy work. Dan and I used to trade sessions. Because I felt that massage was much harder work than Dan’s energy work, I would ask for 2 energy sessions for every one massage. Dan graciously agreed and we exchanged work for several years. It was not until I had moved to Northern California that I began to realize that the benefits I was continuing to receive by wearing Dan’s Whispers that I began to understand how much more powerful his work was than my massage work was. I called Dan to apologize for my ignorance and arrogance. He graciously told me he totally understood. It is with complete respect and confidence that I highly recommend Dan’s work and products. Life is too short to live stressed out and allowing our baggage to keep us from living our life in joy and happiness
Dian Somers - Massage Therapist
I have been wearing my whisperers for a few weeks now and what I notice is subtle and I can only describe as a pleasurable sense of well being. I also notice that is that i am sleeping way more than ever. I used to sleep 7 or 8 hrs. a night and now I am going for 9 and 10. I wake up feeling peaceful and rested and am looking forward to seeing what prolonged use will bring! Thank you, Dan for all your help and generosity!
Andrea Wachter
Andrea Wachter Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Co-founder of InnerSolutions Counseling Services Co-author of The Don't Diet, Live-It Workbook