Steven Spielberg Commencement Speech


Spielberg says the following.

“For a while I let that going along to find my character because I was repressing my own point of view. Like that Nilsson song “Everybody was talking at me” so I “Couldn’t hear the echoes of my mind” and at first the internal voice I need to listen to was hardly audible (mind too noisy)  and it was hardly noticeable.
Kind of like me in high school, but then I started paying more attention and my
intuition kicked in and I want to be clear that your intuition is different from your conscience.
They work in tandem but here’s the distinction, your conscience
yells,”Here’s what you should do”, while your intuition whispers . “Here’s what you
could do”. Listen to that voice that tells you what you could do. Nothing will define your
character more than that.

I posted this video because what he has to say is so Powerful. 

We’ve been taught our whole lives to “ThinK”. so we quit listening to our intuitive and instead we turn all the power of our life over to the mind. 

Remember that who you are is actually soul, your mind is supposed to be your servant. God communicates through a WHISPER. It’s subtle.

Sometimes it’s a thought, other times it’s a feeling. It can even come from something you see or hear. The point is that it only happens in the moment. 

Wearing Whispers 

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