Mind Whispering

 Mind Whispering is about training your mind to become what it was supposed to be.

You are the master of your life, your mind is supposed to be your servant. It is supposed to serve you with the knowledge and memories to assist you in creating the life you desire. The problem is that for most of us our mind has been left untrained and way too negative.

It acts like a wayward child in a grocery store. We have all had that experience of a child running wild through a store and the parent running after them trying to get them to behave. The child goes into a tirade because they are not getting what they want so they kick and scream and have a fit.

Just as a wild animal or a wild child has to be trained, how it is trained is of critical importance.

If you have ever watched a show about Whisperers, you know that they have the ability to calm a wild animal without breaking their spirit.

The mind is a gift from God to help us on our journey through life. It can help us in many ways if trained to think the way that best serves us.

Unfortunately most of us have not trained our mind and it has become like that wayward child.

So often I have heard people say that they have no control over what their mind thinks and that at best they only have control over which thoughts they react to. This is a recipe to a life of torture, you must train your mind to think the way you want it to think. You need to increase your awareness as to what your mind is thinking and gently correct it. In my Whisper Tips I explain ways to train your mind. Wearing Whispers dramatically assist you in quieting your mind. They work the same way that meditation does. Meditation creates a centripetal flow of mental energy by quieting and focusing the mental energy.

The challenge is that today’s modern world is bombarded by energies that throw our natural delicate subtle energies out of balance. Electromagnetic Fields (E.M.F.’S) shower out from electricity and distort the subtle energy fields of our body and is a major contributor to what we relate to as stress.

Our Whisper products act as a receiver, converter, transmitter of this energy. The result of wearing Whispers and performing energy balancings on yourself, your loved ones and perhaps even clients is that they notice a calming effect unlike anything they have tried before.

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