For a very long time we used to struggle trying to explain what we did in in elevator speech. An elevator speech for those unfamiliar with the term is what you would say to someone about what you do in the very few minutes you have in an elevator. Creating that clarity in communicating what you do not only helps those you are talking to but also helps you communicate clearly and simply what it is you do.

Our challenge was that the energy work we did was rather difficult to explain in just a few words. I would find myself going Ah…… 

My wife Kate and I spent a substantial amount of time and money with experts in the field only to be more frustrated at the end of the the process.

Then one day we were watching Cesar Millan “The Dog Whisperer” He talked about how you cannot train a dog whose mind is in a state of Chaos. That a dog’s natural state is in the present. 

Just then my wife elbowed me and said that’s the same stuff you teach people all the time!

You could be the mind whisperer!

That’s how it all started. I would go to mixer’s and instead of saying Ah… I now would simply ask if anyone had a mind that just wouldn’t shut up. then I would introduce myself as Dan The Mind Whisperer and that I possess the secret to quieting your noisy mind.

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