Mind Whispering The Whisper Way

Dan McBee The Mind Whisperer
Dan McBee The Mind Whisperer

I Know !

My mind made my life a living hell. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get my mind to shut up.

I really thought there was something wrong with me, that I must be a weak person, incapable of dealing with daily living.

Then I experienced the magic I’m recommending for you!

I was invited to a man’s house who spoke at a Hypnotherapy meeting the night before. He stated that Electromagnetic Fields (E.M.F’s) cause our natural subtle energy fields to become distorted creating many of the symptoms we relate to as stress. He handed me a disc and told me to take it home and see what I noticed.

The Magic Begins

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Single Red Whisper with Gold Cord.

Whispers are the missing link to a quiet mind

One Set of REd Whispers

Worn for personal protection and also used for energy balancings

Red Whisper Tester

Testers can be worn as a pendant and also used for energy balancings.