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My mind made my life a living hell. No matter what I tried I couldn't get my mind to shut up! I really thought there was something wrong with me, that I must be a weak person, incapable of dealing with daily living. Then I experienced the magic I'm recommending for you! I was invited to a man's house who spoken at a Hypnotherapy meeting the night before. He stated that Electromagnetic fields (E..M.F.'s) cause our natural subtle energy fields to become distorted creating many of the symptoms we relate to as stress. He handed me a disc and told me to take it home and see what I noticed. THE MAGIC BEGINS He instructed me to lay on the floor and placed what looked like a hockey puck in my hands. Then he instructed me to cross my hands over the opposite shoulder. Next he had me lay on my side and pull up into the fetal position and placed another puck between my knees and left the room. I was laying there on the floor wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into! The next thing I knew was that I must have fallen asleep for what felt like a few minutes until I saw that although it was light when I laid down on the floor it now quite dark out. I stood up and instantly realized a sense of calmness beyond anything I had ever experienced before. My mind was absolutely still and there wasn't a tense muscle in my body. I called out for him but got no answer so I went out the front door to find him washing his Corvette. He asked me how I felt and all I could say was WOW. I asked if I could see him again to learn more and he said yes, if course you can. I drove home knowing that all the years of torture and torment were now over and that I had found the work I was meant to do. I know this can seem rather hard to believe that little plastic things can change your life, I understand. It took me 2 more years before I totally bought into the magic that this work truly is. My recommendation is for you to try them for yourself. If you don't experience and improvement in your life, send them back for a full refund. I doubt that you will because in over 35 years I have had less than 10 returns.
Dan McBee The Mind Whisperer
Dan McBee
The Mind Whisperer

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