Natural Stress Relief – Whisper Tip # 3



Whisper tip #3


Nothing Is Worth Your Peace Of Mind

As you now begin living your life as a conscious being instead of a reactive mind the process of training your mind to become positive begins.

Gently but firmly repeat to your mind as often as necessary that absolutely nothing is worth your peace of mind.


Remembering that most of the illnesses you can name are caused by the tension created by a restless mind you begin to place the proper level of importance on quieting your mind.


The truth is that most of us live life backwards; we think that once we get the right spouse, the right house, the right Job, (the list goes on and on.) Then we will have success.


Then we will have peace of mind.


But the mind is NEVER satisfied, it always wants more.

The best way of gaining peace of mind is to make having peace of mind your highest priority.

You will find yourself accomplishing whatever it is you want to accomplish much better once your mind is quiet.

When your mind is racing all the time isn’t it hard to focus, you feel much more stress and anxious when your mind is racing.


Meditation is also an excellent tool for quieting your mind and we will address meditation much more in a future blog.


So for this week repeat this as often as you feel yourself getting stressed and tense.

Teaching your mind that nothing is more important to you than your peace of mind, your mind will begin to quiet and your life will become less stressful.


Please give us your techniques for natural stress relief and quieting your mind.





Dan McBee


The Mind Whisperer


Mind Whispering Tip # 1

Whisper Tip # 1

You Are Not Your Mind


This is perhaps the most important tip I will give you!!

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. Far too many seekers think that they are humans trying to have a spiritual experience.

We are actually “Spiritual Beings going through human experiences”

Who is this “I” that is soul?

What does it mean to be soul – what, on a practical level is the difference between being human and being soul, being Spiritual beings?

In thinking about all this, it suddenly struck me that the definition is Consciousness, and I thought – consciousness!


My Soul, the real “I” is consciousness.

This soul is not something I have, or what I want to become – it is my consciousness, my essential being, who I already am, who I have always been.

Eckart Tolle,  in “Stillness Speaks”, writes:

Your innermost sense of self,, of who you are, is inseparable from Stillness.

This is the “I Am” that is deeper than name and form.

Stillness is your essential nature.

 What is Stillness?

The inner space or awareness, in which the words on this page are being perceived and become thoughts.

Without that awareness, there would be no perception, no thoughts, no world.

You are that awareness, disguised as a person.

Being Soul means being stillness, being awareness.

Soul is consciousness combined with focused attention.”

So if I am soul, then the real “I” is consciousness, awareness, the focused attention that comes from stillness.

The problem is that in our everyday existence we are generally not still and aware.

As long as your attention is there in the darkness, you are there, but when you start thinking about all the problems of the world, you are not there, whether you see the darkness or something else.

However, we usually don’t identify ourselves as Soul, as Consciousness.

We go through life identified with our thoughts, with our mind, being

Our thoughts rather than our awareness, not being “there”.

When my attention is at the eye center, I am there.

But “I” my soul, my consciousness, is usually not there it is “lost in thought”.

The purpose of my existence is to find, to recognize my true self in this maze of thoughts.

It is at this still point that we are consciousness.

Whispers are an important ingredient in stilling that noisy mind.

You can learn more about them at here



Dan McBee

Natural Stress Relief Whisper Tip #2


Whisper Tip #2




Have you ever heard someone say, “Every winter I get a cold”.

Guess what, you can be sure that next winter that person will come down with a cold.

How about “I can never win”, or “I am bad with money” or how about, “I am my own worst enemy”.

You can probably come up with a bunch more yourself, in fact please send me any of the ones you come up with.

The point is that you run around all day constantly thinking,(More about this in an upcoming Whisper Tip) without considering what you are thinking and more importantly what you are telling your mind to create.

Positive affirmations are helpful, but if it is incongruent with your reality you may have a tendency to negate it as soon as you say it.

An example would be saying “ I am rich”, however if your wallet is empty and there are bills to pay, you certainly don’t feel rich.

I have found that adding “Up Until Now” to my sentences I put closure to a situation that is not what I want to create.

For instance I sometimes find myself blocked in creating blog posts and articles.

If my statement is that I am stuck, then that is what I am commanding my mind to create, by saying up until now I have been blocked it signals my mind to end this episode and usually within a few minutes I seem to have a creative thought come through.

You will be amazed at all the negative thought processes you have allowed to become fact in your mind as you become more aware of what you are thinking.

As you become more aware of what you are thinking you will Naturally Relief your Stress


As my new friend Kevin Sousa says, “Plant good thoughts”


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