Natural Stress Relief – Whisper Tip # 3



Whisper tip #3


Nothing Is Worth Your Peace Of Mind

As you now begin living your life as a conscious being instead of a reactive mind the process of training your mind to become positive begins.

Gently but firmly repeat to your mind as often as necessary that absolutely nothing is worth your peace of mind.


Remembering that most of the illnesses you can name are caused by the tension created by a restless mind you begin to place the proper level of importance on quieting your mind.


The truth is that most of us live life backwards; we think that once we get the right spouse, the right house, the right Job, (the list goes on and on.) Then we will have success.


Then we will have peace of mind.


But the mind is NEVER satisfied, it always wants more.

The best way of gaining peace of mind is to make having peace of mind your highest priority.

You will find yourself accomplishing whatever it is you want to accomplish much better once your mind is quiet.

When your mind is racing all the time isn’t it hard to focus, you feel much more stress and anxious when your mind is racing.


Meditation is also an excellent tool for quieting your mind and we will address meditation much more in a future blog.


So for this week repeat this as often as you feel yourself getting stressed and tense.

Teaching your mind that nothing is more important to you than your peace of mind, your mind will begin to quiet and your life will become less stressful.


Please give us your techniques for natural stress relief and quieting your mind.





Dan McBee


The Mind Whisperer



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