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Dan has been involved in Subtle Energy work since 1982.

He was instructed to lay on a living room floor, had devices placed between his knee and two placed behind his shoulders while laying in the fetal position. After what seemed like an hour he rose to his feet and experienced what felt like a miracle. For the first time he could remember he felt totally relaxed. Physically, Emotionally and Mentally. It was without a doubt a magical experience.
It was after his first energy balancing that he knew he had found the work he was meant to do.
He began giving Balancings to his friends and the results were always the same, people experienced an incredible sense of peace and well being, which of course always results in a much higher quality of life.

As Dan always says, ” Success begins with Peace of Mind, Once you accomplish that all other successes have to follow. It’s a universal Law.

While introducing this work to Patrons at a local Spa, Kate Walker came into the spa, read Dan’s Brochure and booked a balancing.
Shortly afterwards Dan and Kate realized there was something special happening between them and they joined each other in life and in business in 1992.
They have spent the rest of their lives together with the focus of helping others always on the forefront of their minds.

Word of mouth has created a business that reaches all over the world.

We are so blessed to have a work that enables so many people to experience such an incredible improvement to the quality of their lives.

We look forward to working with you as well.