What is a Whisper

Whispers are a solid state device made of plastic with micro-crystals embedded. After our Activating process is complete Whispers gently and continually release the blocked energies that build up inside you causing what you relate to as stress. From the first day you begin using Whispers you will experience the miracle that we refer too.
I remember my first balancing like it was yesterday. I was laying on a living room floor with pieces placed between my knees and over my shoulders.I awakened after what must have been an hour , stood up and felt more calmness physically, emotionally and mentally than I had ever felt in my life. I have been doing this work for over thirty years now and nearly every single person who has a balancing has had a similar experience.

Why the name Whisper?

Years ago my wife Kate and I were watching the show "The Dog Whisperer" with Cesar Milan. He talked about how you cannot train a dog who's mind is in a state of Chaos. My wife commented that I could be called the "Mind Whisperer" because my work is much about quieting your mind. This is where a great deal of your stress is created( There is an even bigger cause of your stress that we will discuss later). Thus came Whisper International, our business name, Whispers, the name of our products and Mind Whispering the journey of creating the quality of life every human being deserves. You are welcome to read my story should you feel the need to know how I have the right to make the claims I make about our products and services.

What is a “Balancing”

A Whisper balancing is placing Whispers at specific places on your body which creates a coupling of energy fields which allows a gentle and consistent release of the blocked energies that build up as a result of living in this modern fast paced life we live today.